A blood pressure check measures the force in the arteries as your heart pumps blood. A blood pressure reading may be taken as part of a regular medical consultation or as a screening for hypertension (high blood pressure). Some people can check blood pressure at home using home monitors. Continue reading to learn more about getting a blood pressure test in Colchester.

Why is a blood pressure test important?

Most medical appointments include a routine blood pressure check. Screening for high blood pressure is a crucial part of overall healthcare.

Your age and general health will determine how frequently you should have your blood pressure tested.

Additionally, your pharmacist or doctor may advise you to take your blood pressure test at home. The use of automatic home blood pressure monitors is simple. Some allow you to send the data to an online medical file by connecting to a computer or smartphone. Find out if you have this option by asking your healthcare provider.

Keeping a record of your at-home blood pressure readings is a good idea. To ensure you are getting correct readings, have your care provider inspect your monitor at least once a year as well.

It’s important to note that home blood pressure monitoring is not a replacement for doctor’s appointments.

blood pressure test in Colchester

What is a normal blood pressure test result for my age?

The ideal blood pressure reading is listed below for each age group and gender:



Can I get a blood pressure test in Colchester at the pharmacy?

Electronic blood pressure monitoring is widely available from pharmacies, and some offer blood pressure tests as part of screenings, community outreach initiatives and health fairs. At Dedham Pharmacy, we offer blood pressure checks for anyone who is at risk for high blood pressure or who has not been tested in a long time. Visit us today to get your blood pressure checked.

blood pressure test in Colchester

How can I keep my blood pressure down?

Making some lifestyle choices can improve your heart health if you have hypertension (high blood pressure).

If making lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure is ineffective on its own, your doctor can suggest taking medication. Both you and your doctor should be able to discuss the ideal course of treatment for you.

blood pressure test in Colchester

Get a blood pressure test in Colchester

Visit Dedham Pharmacy today for a blood pressure test in Colchester. You can also contact us for more information.


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