When a man is unable to keep an erection long enough to engage in sex, it is known as erectile dysfunction. This is especially common when under stress. On the whole, it is not always a cause for concern. However, it may indicate a health or emotional issue that needs treatment. Keep reading to learn how to treat erectile dysfunction and the treatments available at our pharmacy in Colchester.

How do I know if I have erectile dysfunction?

Having trouble getting or keeping an erection during sex is one of the main signs of erectile dysfunction. However, you also may experience the following signs and symptoms:

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Essentially, health issues, emotional problems, or a combination of the two can lead to ED. Known risk factors include:

Although ED becomes more common with age, getting older does not always result in the condition. Hence some men can have intercourse well into their 80s. Additionally, ED may be a precursor to a more serious health issue.

treat erectile dysfunction in Colchester

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Initially, we will look to identify the underlying cause of the condition. There are several steps involved in determining the cause of erectile dysfunction. These include a physical examination. Similarly, we will review your sexual and medical histories. Additionally, we may refer you for further testing to rule out an underlying condition. This could include a:

Physical exam

A physical exam generally includes:

You could even be referred for a rectal examination to check your prostate function.

Psychosocial history

Within this test, we will briefly ask you about your sexual history. Then we will ask for your medical history and current symptoms. Additionally, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire.

Further examinations

Further to those above, additional testing may be needed for diagnosis. For instance:

The tests can help your pharmacist decide on the best course of action for you.

treat erectile dysfunction in Colchester

How to treat erectile dysfunction in Colchester

Firstly, we may recommend that you modify your eating habits, quit smoking or work out more. Additionally, we may advise you to stop using alcohol or drugs. However, you should never stop taking prescription medications without consulting a professional. In any case, if you have any side effects, we can recommend alternatives.

Additionally, treatment for emotional issues may also be advised by your healthcare provider. For instance, you could be having relationship issues, daily stress, depression, or anxiety.

Usually, treatments for erectile dysfunction are successful, and the problem frequently goes away. Depending on the ED’s underlying cause, treatment may be suggested.

Effective treatments for ED are available and are listed below.

Most often, pharmacists or doctors may prescribe sildenafil, sometimes referred to as Viagra.

Additionally, Avanafil (Spedra), vardenafil, and tadalafil (Cialis) are other ED treatments.

Typically, you require a prescription from a pharmacist to purchase these treatments.

treat erectile dysfunction in Colchester

Home remedies to treat erectile dysfunction

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you overcome erectile dysfunction. For example, it can be helpful to:

Do vacuum pumps treat erectile dysfunction?

Vacuum pumps improve penile blood flow, which results in an erection. Typically, they are effective for many men. Therefore, they could be an option if prescription medications don’t work for you.

treat erectile dysfunction in Colchester

Treat erectile dysfunction in Colchester

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