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With the rise in Covid-19 cases as we approach the winter, the need to safeguard people from this highly contagious virus is the highest priority for businesses, government agencies, and communities. In light of the current situation, some airlines and countries are asking those arriving from outside to present a “fit for travel” test that shows if you are currently infected by the Coronavirus or not. This test is used as a mean to control the spread of the Coronavirus so if you are travelling to a destination that requires you to have the fit for travel test done then we can help. We provide the Covid-19 antigen test, also known as the Fit for travel test and certificate service at Dedham pharmacy in Colchester.

What is the Covid-19 antigen test?

It is important to understand the difference between the two types of Covid-19 tests currently available. The antibody test checks if you have had the coronavirus before and the antigen test checks if you are currently infected with the coronavirus. The Covid-19 antigen test, also known as the PCR test, is a swab test that determines if you are currently infected with Coronavirus. The test looks for the presence of genetic material in the virus called RNA. The swab sample is tested in the lab by adding a reagent solution to it. If the virus is present, the reagent starts a chain reaction and creates thousands of copies of the genetic material, producing enough material to investigate the presence of the virus.

How do the PCR test and certificate service work?

The PCR test kit is available at Dedham pharmacy in Colchester as a private service. The testing kit includes everything you need to take a swab sample and post it to the lab. You need to follow the enclosed instructions to ensure that you take the swab sample accurately. The swab sample can be taken in the pharmacy or you can take the kit away and post it yourself to the lab. The test usually takes 72 hours to return if posted before midday. The results will be emailed to you with the certificate. Due to multiple factors affecting the time it takes for the test to be completed, we cannot guarantee that you will get your test results within 72 hours. The PCR test kit is provided by Randox Health and the swabs are analysed by their laboratories.

How accurate is the test?

The Randox Health test kit is deemed reliable and used by government testing programs. The test supplied by Randox Health accounts for up to 17% of all tests done by the UK government. No test is 100% accurate, so there is a small chance of false-negative or false-positive results.

How do I access this service?

If you need a PCR test kit, you can call our pharmacy or book online or visit us in-store at Dedham Pharmacy in Colchester.

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