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Vitamin B12 Injection Service

Vitamin B12 Injection Service in Colchester - Dedham Pharmacy

Why might you need a Vitamin B12 injection?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that supports the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system, and the formation of blood. It’s primarily found in meat and dairy products, and a deficiency can lead to various health issues, including extreme tiredness, a lack of energy, and muscle weakness. At Dedham Pharmacy in Colchester, we offer Vitamin B12 injections as a quick and effective way to manage these deficiencies.

Who might benefit from a B12 shot?

B12 injections are beneficial for individuals who are unable to absorb this vital nutrient through their diet. This includes older adults, those with diagnosed deficiencies, individuals with gastrointestinal disorders, or those on specific medications that affect B12 absorption. If you’re feeling unusually fatigued or have been diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficiency, our B12 injections in Colchester can help restore your energy levels and well-being.

What is the process?

  • Consultation: Visit Dedham Pharmacy for a consultation to determine if B12 injections near me are suitable for you. We will review your medical history, dietary habits, and any symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • Treatment Plan: If Vitamin B12 injections are right for you, we will create a personalised treatment plan. Our trained pharmacists will administer the injection quickly and safely, ensuring minimal discomfort.
  • Aftercare: We provide detailed aftercare instructions to maximize the benefits of the injection and advise on how frequently you should return for subsequent shots.


  • Each B12 injection at Dedham Pharmacy costs £30.00. 
  • Please contact us directly for more details and to discuss package options if regular injections are needed.

How to book

To book your Vitamin B12 injection in Colchester at Dedham Pharmacy, please visit our website or contact us at 01206 322109