Travel Clinic Colchester, Boxted and Langham – Dedham Pharmacy

Your quick and affordable Travel Clinic in and around Colchester Are you about to embark on your gap year of travel? Are you set and ready for your spiritual journey to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah? Off on a business trip to a more exotic country? Wherever you are going in this world, the Dedham […]

Your Yellow Fever Vaccination in Colchester

If you’re looking for a yellow fever vaccination Colchester has its own travel clinic at Dedham’s Pharmacy. Dedham Pharmacy’s travel clinic offers a wide range of vaccinations including yellow fever. So, what is yellow fever and who should be vaccinated against it? What is Yellow Fever? Yellow fever is a serious viral disease that is […]

Getting the Flu Jab: Colchester’s Flu Jab Service

You and your family can prepare for this flu season by getting the flu jab. Colchester and the surrounding area benefit from Dedham Pharmacy’s Flu Jab Service. What is the flu? The “flu” is the common name for the influenza virus. Influenza is a nasty virus causes symptoms such as high fever and shivers, aching […]

COVID-19 PCR Testing in Colchester

Covid-19 antigen test PCR (Fit for travel test) £99 With the rise in Covid-19 cases as we approach the winter, the need to safeguard people from this highly contagious virus is the highest priority for businesses, government agencies, and communities. In light of the current situation, some airlines and countries are asking those arriving from […]

Covid-19 test and certificate cost in Colchester

Are you thinking of travelling abroad anytime soon? Things have changed dramatically with the emergence of Covid-19. We are seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases across the world as we approach the winter. The so-called second wave of Covid-19 is upon us. When you go through your travel essentials checklist, make sure that you don’t […]

Covid-19 rapid 15-minutes antigen test kits in Colchester £45

Covid-19 rapid 15-minutes antigen test kits in Colchester. You can now book online or enquire in-store at Dedham Pharmacy. You can also request a fit-for-travel certificate with the test, signed by a healthcare professional. What is the cost of the Covid-19 rapid 15-minutes antigen test kits in Colchester? We offer the test at £45 at Dedham Pharmacy, […]

Allergy Testing Service in Colchester

Now you can access the private Allergy Testing Service in Colchester at Dedham Pharmacy. The test will be carried out within the pharmacy. The results are provided during a follow-up consultation with one of our specially trained pharmacists. Book your allergy test now. What is an allergic reaction? An allergic reaction is an immune response […]

How Do You Manage Your Weight the Healthy Way?

Weight loss is not the all-encompassing solution to every health issue. However, a high BMI can have long-term impacts on your health. A consistent and steady decrease in weight is recommended for the most effective long-term weight management. Is there a weight loss treatment near me in Colchester? At Dedham Pharmacy, we offer not only […]

How Do You Safely Remove Earwax?

Earwax protects the skin of the external ear canal by shielding it from water damage, foreign objects, infections, and trauma. When earwax builds up to the extent where symptoms manifest, it is referred to as being “impacted.” If impacted earwax doesn’t show symptoms and eventually goes away on its own, treatment may not be required. […]

How Can You Delay Your Period For Your Holidays?

Since the development of period delay tablets, it’s now possible to delay or stop your periods. Women do it for a variety of reasons, including medical ones like severe menstrual bleeding, period migraines, preparation for surgical procedures or ones related to forthcoming events, weddings, or holidays where their period calculator predicts an undesirable due date. Keep reading to find out […]

How Do You Successfully Treat An Ear Infection?

Although they can be unpleasant, earaches are not always treated with antibiotics. Prescription recommendations for ear infections have changed throughout time. In some cases, antibiotics are not even advised. Not all ear infections are caused by bacteria, and some don’t even need treatment. We’ve combined this helpful guide to help you manage ear infections at home. […]

Why Should You Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly?

A blood pressure check measures the force in the arteries as your heart pumps blood. A blood pressure reading may be taken as part of a regular medical consultation or as a screening for hypertension (high blood pressure). Some people can check blood pressure at home using home monitors. Continue reading to learn more about getting a blood pressure […]

What is the Fastest Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

When a man is unable to keep an erection long enough to engage in sex, it is known as erectile dysfunction. This is especially common when under stress. On the whole, it is not always a cause for concern. However, it may indicate a health or emotional issue that needs treatment. Keep reading to learn how […]